New Fairfield 1916 – one hundred years ago, a century ago, a long time ago!

What was New Fairfield like then? First, a little trivia about 1916.

  • Woodrow Wilson was re-elected President of the USA on November 7, 1916.

  • Boys Scouts of America was formed on June 15, 1916.

  • John D. Rockefeller became the first billionaire of the United States.

  • President Wilson signs the Emergency Revenue Act, doubling the rate of income tax and adding inheritance and munitions profit tax.

  • World War 1, also known as the “Great War”, began in 1914 and did not end until November 1918.

  • New Fairfield lost one of its sons in this war. George A. Fairchild, PFC U.S.Army was killed in action on April 20, 1918.

  • A 1916 Maxwell automobile could be purchased for $655.

What was happening in New Fairfield?