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Community Engagment 

The Parsonage Opening

On October 8th, PNF opened The Parsonage for a celebration of the 275th anniversary of the Congregational Church of New Fairfield.  From 1903 to 1960 the house served as The Parsonage for the church, with many pastors residing there over the years.  More than 75 people attended the delightful celebration, including Mr. Kenneth Taylor, who took the opportunity to point out a picture of himself as a young boy standing with his mother and grandmother, currently on display in the Hubbell House museum.  Mr. Kenneth Bass also toured the Hubbell House where he worked many years ago.  He remembers taking out a narrow straight staircase and building the current stairs to the second floor more than 50 years ago!  These priceless remembrances serve to enrich the stories that these two beautiful buildings keep alive and can share.


Thank you to all the members of the CCNF, and the friends and family of PNF who labored to help prepare the house for its debut event.  And a special Thank You to PNF Trustee Emeritus Agnes-Betty Trimpert who designed and created the delightful and engaging displays for the celebration.


Keep your eyes out for future events at The Parsonage!

Preserve New Fairfield Lights Up the Town!


PNF participated in New Fairfield's Holiday Light Parade on November 26, 2016. There was a tremendous community turnout and everyone cheered our board members on as they waved to the crowed from an antique Mustang convertible. 

3rd Grade Visit to the Hubbell House

June 2016


New Fairfield 3rd graders enjoying their field trip to the Hubbell House. Many thanks to team members of Preserve New Fairfield and our awesome third-grade teachers for making this day possible.

"A nation with no regard for its past has little hope for its future."

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