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Attorney Granville D. Stubbs

Granville, or Granny as he was commonly called, was born in Danbury, CT on August 23, 1885. After attending Danbury schools he spent a year out west came back east and enrolled in the Albany Law School where he graduated cum laude in 1908.

He opened his law office on Main Street in Danbury. He was a member of the Danbury Bar Association for fifty years and was known for his expertise in real estate law.

While he was a small man in stature, barely five feet tall, he was a big man in his many interests as well as his contributions to society. He was remembered as a lawyer, historian, volunteer fireman, raconteur and outdoorsman.

Granville was a founder and first chief of the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Company. He especially enjoyed compiling the history of events that took place in his lifetime in the Danbury and New Fairfield area. He served as clerk of the Danbury City Court in 1926 and was assistant prosecuting attorney in 1931. He was a favorite speaker at various New Fairfield and Danbury groups. He loved to talk of the “old days” as he remembered them and would regale the audience with humorous anecdotes that he had picked up through his research. He enjoyed the dances held at the Town Hall and would ask many of the ladies in attendance to join him in a two-step or a square dance.

He moved to the Squantz Pond area of New Fairfield in the mid-1940s and enjoyed his hobby of raising goats and would exhibit them at the Danbury Fair. Interested in the outdoors, he opened up old trails in the areas near his home so that fire fighters could use them if the need ever arose.

Granville died on March 11, 1964 at the age of 78 years.

PHOTO CAPTION: Granville D. Stubbs in the 1930s. The photo was taken in the yard of his neighbor Keith Joyce.

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